26 June 2017
Phone interviewer
27 June 2017


The first edition of the report on Poles preference for accommodation facilities in the country. Observations were shared by business representatives and private individuals that is why two separate documents has been created. The survey was conducted on a representative nationwide research sample. On the special order of the customer, it is possible to present all data (or only selected ones), taking into account the division into province. The reports present a number of very important and interesting information. We will find out from them:



Individuals Business representatives
  • From what sources Poles most often use when searching information about accommodation facilities
  • What type of accommodation do Poles most choose?
  • What are the expectations for the minimum offer that is offered by the accommodation?
  • What elements have a decisive influence on the choice of accommodation.
  • For which facilities Poles are able to pay more
  • Forecast of the use of accommodation facilities
  • Assessment of gastronomic offer in accommodation facilities
  • How much Poles have spent so far on accommodation and how much are willing to spend
  • Evaluation of staff in accommodation facilities
  • Many other interesting information


  • What kind of accommodation is most often chosen by representatives of Polish companies?
  • How often do the representatives of accommodation facilities stay?
  • What is the average amount of money a company pays for one employee in the accommodation facility and what are they willing to spend?
  • How often do business people use accommodation during business trips?
  • What elements have a decisive influence on the choice of accommodation.
  • What sources are mostly used by business representatives when searching for accommodation information?
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of promotional activities undertaken by accommodation establishments
  • What are the expectations and preferences for accommodation facilities.
  • The closest plans to use the accommodation facilities
  • Many other interesting information


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