Knowing the phenomena and processes that are taking place on the market is a guarantee of making appropriate strategic decisions in the company. As a result of our research and analysis, we provide accurate information on market mechanisms, consumer expectations and preferences and detailed actions taken by the competition.

It is very important for us to have an individual approach to each customer. Knowledge and rich experience make us a reliable partner in making key decisions.

Projects are implemented using a modern methodology tailored to the specificity of the project. In our work we use a wide range of research methods and techniques.


Computer Assisted Telephone Interview


Computer-Assisted Web Interview


Direct research


Focus Group Interview


Individual Depth Interviews


Please see sample price list *

Study descriptionExecytuib time Net price from
Research CATI n=600 10 days 7000 PLN
Research CATI n=1000 14 days 11 000 PLN
Research CAWI n=600 7 days 6000 PLN
Research CAWI n=1000 10 days 8 000 PLN
Research CAPI/PAPI n=600 14 days 15 000 PLN
Research CAPI/PAPI n=1000 21 days 27 000 PLN
Research FGI (1 FGI) 7 days 3500 PLN
Research IDI (7 IDI) 10 days 3100 PLN
*We prepare each offer individually. It is influenced by many factors including the scope of the study, the range of the study, the target group
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