AFS – Addition Free School
26 czerwca 2017
Our proprietary program (ADDICTION FREE SCHOOL) is designed to prevent the abuse of alcohol and other psychoactive substances by children and adolescent. The first and most important element of effective prevention of addiction is knowing the scale of the problem. According to some sources, over 80% of adolescents aged 16-17 and over 70% of schoolchildren are reaching for alcohol. Other sources points out that every fifth student in 6th grade is reaching for alcohol.

AFS is a program that makes possibilities to monitor the extent to which teenagers use psychoactive substances. The results are aggregated by first of all with age and gender distinctions of the group which are combined with the other variables. Prevention and alignment of the best drug prevention programs with alcohol and drugs starts with a thorough diagnosis. Our program allows you to take action at any time. Comparability of results provides a methodology consistent with ESPAD research.