Social research allows to understand the reality in which we live. They help to describe it better and change it. Knowledge gained in a research can be useful both for public institutions, media and as representatives of the commercial sector.

As a result of our activities we diagnose social problems, we consult the proposed solutions, we examine potential directions of development.

Projects are implemented using a modern methodology tailored to the specificity of the project. In our work we use a wide range of research methods and techniques.


Focus Group Interview


Individual Depth Interviews

Desk Research

Desk Research

Market analysis

Market analysis

Please see sample price list *

Study description Execution time Net price from
Research CATI n=600 10 days 7000 PLN
Research CATI n=1000 14 days 11 000 PLN
Research CAWI n=600 7 days 6000 PLN
Research CAWI n=1000 10 days 9 000 PLN
Research CAPI/PAPI n=600 14 days 14 000 PLN
Research CAPI/PAPI n=1000 21 days 24 000 PLN
Research FGI (1 FGI) 7 days 3500 PLN
Research IDI (7 IDI) 10 days 3100 PLN
*We prepare each offer individually. It is influenced by many factors including the scope of the study, the range of the study, the target group
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